Interface ExecuteStatementResult

  • public interface ExecuteStatementResult
    The result of executing a 'CREATE', 'CREATE ... AS * SELECT', 'DROP', 'TERMINATE', or 'INSERT INTO ... AS SELECT' statement on the ksqlDB server.
    • Method Detail

      • queryId

        Optional<String> queryId()
        Returns the ID of a newly started persistent query, if applicable. The return value is empty for all statements other than 'CREATE ... AS * SELECT' and 'INSERT * INTO ... AS SELECT' statements, as only these statements start persistent queries. For statements that start persistent queries, the return value may still be empty if either:

        • The statement was not executed on the server by the time the server response was sent. This typically does not happen under normal server operation, but may happen if the ksqlDB server's command runner thread is stuck, or if the configured value for is too low
        • The ksqlDB server version is lower than 0.11.0.
        the query ID, if applicable