Follow compact lessons that help you work with common ksqlDB functionality.

Query structured data

Process and query structured data types like structs, maps, and arrays.

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Convert a changelog to a table

Create a table representing the latest values in a stream.

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Use connector management

Source and sink data from external systems.

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Update a running persistent query

Change a running persistent query with no downtime.

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Create a user-defined function

Extend ksqlDB and invoke code that you wrote.

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Control the case of identifiers

Specify the exact capitalization of object names.

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Use a custom timestamp column

Perform time-based operations using a timestamp in each record.

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Test an application

Build test suites to assert correct program behavior.

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Substitute variables

Change the content of a query based on variables.

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Transforming columns with structured data

Transform columns of structured data without user-defined functions.

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Last update: 2021-03-08