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KSQL versus ksqlDB

Overview of key differences between KSQL and ksqlDB.

Install and configure ksqlDB

You have a number of options when you set up ksqlDB Server. For more information on installing and configuring ksqlDB, see the following topics.

Health Checks

  • The ksqlDB REST API supports a "server info" request at http://<server>:8088/info and a basic server health check endpoint at http://<server>:8088/healthcheck.
  • Check runtime stats for the ksqlDB server that you are connected to via DESCRIBE EXTENDED <stream or table> and EXPLAIN <name of query>.

For more information, see Check the health of a ksqlDB Server.

Capacity Planning

The Capacity Planning guide describes how to size your ksqlDB clusters.


If ksqlDB isn't behaving as expected, see Troubleshoot ksqlDB issues

Next Steps

Last update: 2020-09-10