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Tutorials and Examples

Kafka Tutorials

Kafka Tutorials contains ksqlDB recipes that provide in-depth tutorials and recommended deployment scenarios.

ksqlDB with Embedded Connect

ksqlDB has native integration with Connect. While ksqlDB can integrate with a separate Kafka Connect cluster, it can also run Connect embedded within the ksqlDB server, making it unnecessary to run a separate Connect cluster. The embedded Connect tutorial shows how you can configure ksqlDB to run Connect in embedded mode.

ksqlDB Examples

These examples provide common ksqlDB usage operations.

You can configure Java streams applications to deserialize and ingest data in multiple ways, including Kafka console producers, JDBC source connectors, and Java client producers. For full code examples,

ksqlDB Videos

Video Description
Demo: The Event Streaming Database in Action Tim Berglund builds a movie rating system with ksqlDB to write movie records into a Kafka topic.
Demo: Seamless Stream Processing with Kafka Connect & ksqlDB Set up and build ksqlDB applications using the AWS source, Azure sink, and MongoDB source connectors in Confluent Cloud.
Introduction to ksqlDB and stream processing Vish Srinivasan talks Kafka stream processing fundamentals and discusses ksqlDB.
Ask Confluent #16: ksqlDB edition Gwen Shapira hosts Vinoth Chandar in a wide-ranging talk on ksqlDB.
An introduction to ksqlDB Robin Moffatt describes how ksqlDB helps you build scalable and fault-tolerant stream processing systems.
ksqlDB and the Kafka Connect JDBC Sink Robin Moffatt demonstrates how to use the Kafka Connect JDBC sink.
How to Transform a Stream of Events Using ksqlDB Viktor Gamov demonstrates how to transform a stream of movie data.

Last update: 2020-12-16